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The Unspoiled Paradise - Finland

Finland is a hidden gem tucked into the Nordic region which is waiting to be discovered. There are thousands of reasons to visit this wonderland; the diverse landscapes, the people, the artic attractions and adventures, and many more. The best time to visit Finland is all four seasons, since each of them is distinctive and has its own charm.

Region and its top attractions.


Finland’s northernmost and magical arctic region unique in its contrasts. The 24-hour summertime sunlight switches to dark winter days displaying the Northern Lights.


Finland’s second oldest city: its beautiful streets are filled with history. This place has served both as a home and an inspiration to many Finnish artists. Visitors and locals enjoy gathering for coffee and to relax and watch the day fade away.


A city in Southern Finland where Finnish hospitality and vibrant art atmosphere will be felt.


A city in central Finland, a fascinating town of islets and bridges, neighborhood, and top-ranked universities. Oulu also holds several of Finland’s largest music festivals and art events annually, making it a vibrant year-round tourism city.


Finland’s capital and one of the world’s most “bucket-list” locations due to its energetic seaside city life and wonderful green urban areas. It boasts its own dynamic food, design, and architecture.


A city recognized as a medieval town and distinctive for its great wealth of historical monuments. It is a vibrant, modern city, home to many events, and a place where visitors can enjoy al fresco pubs, beer, vodka and, of course, music.

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