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In addition to tailor-made leisure and special interest tours, we now offer carefully designed series of ready-to-book tours – currently spanning Miki One, 2CanGo series, River Cruises, and African safaris.

Marsaxlokk Malta

Miki One

Miki Travel One is a seamless sales platform that specializes in providing our agents with instant confirmation on a majority of products ranging from theme park tickets, accommodations, sightseeing tours, to food and dining, and more! We’ve centralized over 10,000 all-new individual products into one place, one place for all and all in one— Miki Travel One.

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Hotel Booking

In 1994, we launched Miki Travel’s online hotel reservation system. We have since developed this to become MikiNet – a unique, market-leading portal that enables travel agents to easily find and book hotels at favourable rates, while supporting hotels worldwide by providing highly effective connections to new clients.

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In response to the market’s changing needs, we have launched “2CanGo” – a series of ready-to-book packages with departures for as few as two persons. The packages cover destinations around the world, and include private transfers or tours to allay any concerns regarding safety.

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African Safari

For most people, an African safari provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To ensure that experience really lives up to expectations, we offer diverse safari products, from budget to luxurious. Some are short trips, others long vacations with in-depth wildlife watching and photography The dozens of products can suit almost everyone from first-timers to experienced safari-goers. All products are all-inclusive, value for money packages, supported by a wealth of insider tips.

River Cruise

Our river cruise products cover Europe, Asia, Southern Africa and elsewhere. Some last only three or four days – making them ideal for tourists to take during holidays in the area; while others last a week or more, serving as the main component of a holiday. Along with providing a relaxing way to enjoy scenes of cities, towns and countryside, there are themed tours with a special focus, such as covering gastronomy, hiking, golf, and more.

The river cruises are easily selected through our online, one-stop booking platform. Plus, we offer one-stop service support – including pre- and post-river cruise hotel bookings, transportation, and tour itineraries within cities where river cruise passengers embark or disembark.

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