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The Brand-New Country to Explore!

Now is the time to visit Saudi Arabia! As it’s open up for worldwide tourists, it’s now a safe Middle Eastern destination for tourists to explore!

The Middle Eastern gem isn't only known for its honey-hued deserts and closeness to the Red Sea, it also offers rich ancient heritage and culture, delicious local food, and a wide range of activities. If you are not sure what Saudi Arabia is offering to their worldwide visitors, here are five kind of activities that can accommodate travellers of different interests.


Outdoor activities

Saudi Arabia offers breath-taking natural phenomena and exciting ways to explore its diverse terrain, making the kingdom worthy of a spot on any outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list. It boasts quite an itinerary, from desert and water adventures to camping and hiking through caves and craters.


There are lots of places in Saudi Arabia that travellers shouldn’t miss out during a family vacation, be it theme parks, water parks, aquarium, planetarium and national park, etc. Children (and parents) will have fun, get good food and will not get bored in long queues.


The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, also known as Sharqiyah, is a great spa-weekend getaway. Resorts there are perfect for people looking for gorgeous beaches and various wellness options like spa treatment, massage, facial, and even Moroccan bath.


The culture of Saudi Arabia is rich, it has been shaped by its Islamic heritage, and its historical role as an ancient trade center. The Saudi society has also evolved over the past few decades, their values and traditions are adapting with modernization. Today, visitors can find Saudi culture, traditional and new, anywhere in the Saudi’s daily life.


For Muslims, the cities of Mecca and Medina have no equal. Pilgrims are not short of magnificent holy sites to visit in these two holy cities, while the carved temples of Madain Saleh, known as the second Petra is also one of the Kingdom's greatest pre-Islamic treasures.

Suggested Itinerary

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