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Don't just visit Spain - experience it!

Travelling to Spain can be more fun by participating in some experience workshops! There is a whole world of experiences in Spain that offer travellers the chance to get a more intimate understanding of its culture and discover some hidden gems that will stay with them long after they depart. So, impress your clients by adding some fun experiences to their Spain tour! Below are just a few of them.

Flamenco Tour

Flamenco is one of Spain’s great cultural icons. It is of course a pleasant thing to enjoy a flamenco show, but it would be even better if your clients can experience this Spanish tradition. That’s why we would like to recommend you a Flamenco Tour. The tour will start off with a flamenco lesson which taught by a professional instructor. Then appreciate a flamenco show with a fantastic dinner.

Local market tour with paella cooking workshop

This is a tour for people who are keen on food culture. Visiting a neighborhood market can definitely allow a more authentic glimpse into a local culture. So, this tour will start off with a visit to a charming local market where guests are going to purchase the best ingredients for making paella. Afterward, learn to cook paella with a professional chef and enjoy the delicious cooking at the end of the workshop.

Street Photography Workshop

This is a tour that helps your clients see Spain from a new perspective through photography lenses. The local insider and photography expert will assist the guests in seeing Spain through “new eyes” and showing them where and how to take some stunning street photography in the city. At the end of the tour, everyone gets some beautiful memories to bring home!

Tapas and Wine Tour

It’s difficult to go wrong with the tapas and wine combination, this Spanish classic will complete your clients’ Spanish culinary experience as they go around different local restaurants in the city to taste a variety of tapas and wine.

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