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Fabulous Flanders

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, has huge historical and cultural wealth visible through its buildings, art, and festivals. It is also a place with much natural beauty and many culinary experiences to offer.

All the cities in Flanders are within easy reach of each other, and each of them is worth an individual trip. Let's see why.


Antwerp is the diamond capital of the

world which has a bustling diamond trade. Besides, it is a city with beautiful architecture ranging from medieval buildings to contemporary courthouses, from stylish buildings to well-dressed window displays. And the city was picked as one of the Top 10 Best Cities 2018 by Lonely Planet.


Brussels is the ultimate European city with a mosaic of languages and cultures paving a way for a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. With over 80 museums and palaces with a wealth of history, culture is equally accessible. When visiting Brussels, don't forget to indulge in Belgium chocolate at the Sablon district and check out the well-known Manneken- pis for an Instagram photo.


Canals loop across the town like a string of pearls, creating the well-earned moniker of 'the Venice of the North'. With cobblestone paths, brick archways, stone churches and quaint bridges, it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photograph. The addition of swans on the water, horse drawn carriages in the lanes and daffodils in the park make it nearly magical.


Simply enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with a great view of the many bridges, grand houses, and medieval buildings in this town. There’s a fun fact that Ghent is the first city in Flanders that organized “Thursday Veggieday” to encourage people to go meat-free once a week, veggie lovers will find many fantastic vegetarian restaurants there!


Mechelen is a city for all ages. Students from all over the world come to learn to play church bells, imagine sitting outside on the terrace of a cafe sipping a local beer while listening to the bell music coming from the sky is nothing short of delightful. It is also home to one of the last remaining places in the world that restores and repairs antique tapestries,

at Royal Manufacturers De Wit.


A vibrant student population and a rich history combine in the city of Leuven, home to one of Europe’s oldest universities (KU Leuven), founded in 1425. Also, Leuven is Belgium’s reigning brewing capital that produces hundreds of delicious varieties. The headquarters of AB InBev Brewery, the second largest brewery in the world which is famous for Stella Artois beer, is located in this city.

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