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Event Innovations

Our Solution

Unlock the power

of the platform

Use the leading event tech to bring your events to life with website, registration, content management, and so much more

Drive engagement

Couple your live streamed content with our engagement tools, like schedule, Q&A, and networking

Join from anywhere

Keep attendees connected through their browser or mobile device - before, during, and after your event

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Accessible from All Locations

What can we do for you


for all participants on-site, online or remotely located

Live Streaming

Virtual Business Matching

Hybrid Events

Virtual Meeting & Conference

Virtual Trade Fair & Exhibitions

MIKI Virtual Features

Why collaborate with us

Support Team &

Quality Service

We are the leading company in delivering quality and value to our clients.

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Our team of creatives will put together the most professional and impressive.

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Virtual events for your company.

Customizable Service

Our services in hosting virtual events are tailored to your needs to ensure.

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The best quality and uniqueness.

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We ensure the delivery of a seamless experience.

End-to-end solutions

and support

Our in-house team will handle virtually everything in event management, including the development of event flow and design: Event landing page, virtual platform lobby and thematic design.

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We will take care of everything.

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