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The Cradle of Culture - Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan travel is an exploration of dreamy medieval landscapes accentuated by minarets that pierce the desert sky. Local pilgrims arrayed in dazzling sequined robes whose kaleidoscopic colors are as vibrant as the people themselves.

This Silk Road destination has been making history for thousands of years – decrepit Buddhist stupas and Zoroastrian shrines speak of its antiquity, while jaw-dropping vestiges of palaces and mosques make it easy to believe how these medieval kingdoms spawned stories of fantasy and lore.

Why is Uzbekistan Worth Visiting?

With a myriad of destinations available, why choose Uzbekistan, a seemingly obscure country in Central Asia?

Uzbekistan is unique, offering visitors exquisite architecture that echoes from the days of Tamerlane, Alexander the Great and the land’s earliest Zoroastrian inhabitants. Not to be outdone by the past, contemporary Uzbekistan is equally alluring, replete with a magnetic culture and diverse landscapes that form the perfect backdrop to endless adventures.

Relaxed visa policies let citizens of almost every nation eligible for either 30-day visa-free entry or an inexpensive online visa.

Off the beaten path and sure to satisfy those with a thirst to explore the world’s unknown corners. You won’t have to battle throngs of tourists and may well find yourself the lone visitor at some of its most ancient and mind-blowing sites.

Fantastic cultural experiences are available for you to explore the country in a more in-depth way. Apart from Homestays, cooking classes and yurt camping, you can also craft your tour around Uzbekistan’s fine-tuned artistic traditions with pottery lessons, silk paper production and carpet weaving.

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