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Keukenhof garden in full bloom again in 2022!

Do you love flowers? If yes, Keukenhof in the Netherlands, also known as the Garden of Europe, should be in your bucket list for next year! As they say flowers symbolize love and bring positive emotions.

Keukenhof was closed in 2021 and will be open from March 24 until May 25, 2022. During this season, with the theme Flower Classics, it is expected more than 7 million bulbs are planted with over 800 variety of tulips.

Explore the park

Bike or stroll which ever you prefer to enjoy your moment. You may rent bicycles to explore the surroundings. If you choose to walk, do take note that you may not walk through the bulb fields but you may take snapshot from the road. In case you bring your pet with you, you may tag them along if it is on a leash.

Flower Parade

The main highlight of the festival is set to be on April 23, 2022, Saturday. Colorful floats decorated with beautiful and spectacular flowers will be flaunted.

Great time with kids

The flower park has 32 hectares of flowers and is a treat for the whole family. Apart from looking for their favorite flower, kids can also enjoy themselves in the playground, pet the animals in the petting zoo and go on a scavenger hunt.


After a full day of roaming and exploring there are variety of food stands at the park to satisfy your cravings.

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