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Heartland of Eurasia - Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and it’s an up and coming travel destinations these years. The place offers you everything you could wish for in taking a great experience. The enchanting landscape, vibrant culture, and epic historical heritage that is barely known to the rest of the world will let you captivated.

Untouched Nature

When you think of the place as one of the biggest countries in the world, you can imagine the diversity of its landscapes; from mountains, to valleys, canyons, lakes, and glaciers. The East Kazakhstan region with unscathed natural surroundings is perfect for sports and ecotourism. Visitors can go off camping, do winter sports, climb rocky peaks, and visit radon lakes.

Beautiful sites to visit

The photogenic sceneries of Kazakhstan will definitely make a highlight in your trip. The Kaindy Lake, Charyn Canyon, Bozjyra, Aktau colourful mountains and the Singing Dune, all these are unique sites that looks like they stepped out from the paintings of great artists.

Vibrant Culture

The word "Kazakh" means "a free and independent nomad" in ancient Turkish. They capture nomadic spirit in various types of arts and traditions. Once you entered the place you will be greeted with the locals’ welcoming nature and hospitality, as they are enthusiastic to share Kazakhstan’s hidden gem.

Hearty Dish

Kazakh nomads have traditionally produced a variety of foods centered on meat, including lamb, beef and camel. Kazakhstan’s cooking is healthy and hearty, intricate yet simple, but nevertheless, delectable; In short when you’re in Kazakhstan, you’ll never be


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