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6 Fun Facts about Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia may not be the top priority on most people’s bucket list, but it is indeed a destination worth a visit. Especially its capital, Tallinn, its well-preserved fairytale-like Old Town, its great nature, and its relaxed vibe they all make Tallinn a captivating city to visit. And we would also like to share with you some fun facts about Tallinn.

Tallinn's Christmas Market is world renowned

Tallinn is said to be where the devil got married

The St. Olaf’s Church was once the tallest building in the world

Tallinn is called the Silicon Valley of Europe

There are hundreds of secret passageways buried beneath the Old Town

It only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Tallinn from Helsinki by ferry

Travelling between Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland

Taking the Eckero Line makes travel between Tallinn and Helsinki easy. Better yet, passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey with the onboard offers, including diversified dining options, live performances, tax-free shops, and more.

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